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3 questions to ask your
birth photographer

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Congrats on your Pregnancy!

I am so glad that you are considering hiring a photographer to capture your birth!  I have met soooo many parents (myself included) who regret not having professional photos from their baby's birth. These memories are so important!  


Hiring a birth photographer is an exciting and important decision.  That's why I want to help you find the right photographer for you, so you have no regrets from your baby's birthday.

Babies run on their own clock.  The birth space is not a studio.  It requires a level of skill and sensitivity that not all photographers with a fancy camera will possess.  

Below are the top three questions that I recommend asking your potential birth photographer, to make sure you're spending your hard-earned cash on someone who will not only show up, but who will respect your space while also capturing beautiful photos. 

penny birth-20.jpg

How many births have you attended?

Do they have experience in the birth space? Again, birth is not a studio. It is unpredictable. The lighting is usually crap. Things do not always go to plan. You want to make sure your photographer has experience not only with the technical aspect of photographing in the birth space, but also understands how to conduct themselves respectfully in that space. 

It is also a great idea to ask what their personal experience/beliefs about birth are.  If you are planning a natural home birth, but they believe that birth is only safe in a hospital, you're not going to be on the same page and they will not be a good fit for your birth space. 

What is your backup plan?


What happens if they are unavailable when you go into labor?  Do they have their own children, and if so, do they have solid childcare available?  What about if they get sick?

A good birth photographer will have a plan for all of the what-if's - because after all, birth is nothing if not unpredictable!


What happens if your camera acts up?


What happens if their camera or lens or malfunctions during your birth?  What happens if a memory card becomes corrupt and loses all the photos? 

Any potential photographer will have a solid answer to this question.  A professional, experienced birth photographer will have backup gear for everything they use during your birth (including cameras, lenses, flash, batteries, memory cards, etc.)

My #1 Most Important Tip:


Make sure to get to know your birth team (OB/Midwife, doula, photographer, etc.) well before they come into your birth space.  Giving birth will be the most vulnerable and intimate moment of your life (well - besides making the baby).  You want to make sure that you not only trust the people you invite into your space, but that you like and connect with them too!  There is nothing worse than having someone you don't jive with in your space.  I recommend at least a phone and/or Zoom call.  In-person coffee is even better (I mean - who doesn't love coffee and good company?)

If you haven't already, check out my about page to learn more about me as a photographer, a mom and a human.  You will either get me right away, or think I'm a complete weirdo and run away (both are acceptable reactions!)

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