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You will never regret the photos you have.
But you will regret the ones you don't have. 

(Ask me how I know)

Fun Fact:

I'm a big believer in "woo-woo".  Just ask me about my logo

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I wish I had known birth photography was a thing...

Becoming a mom is definitely the coolest, hardest, most rewarding yet thankless thing I’ve ever done. Labor was HARD, and while each one was different, I was incredibly proud of myself and my body both times. 


I wish I had known birth photography was a thing when I had my babies. I wish someone had come to me and said “hey, you’re going to forget so much of this. Get someone to take photos”

Now I document birth stories because I know how precious these memories are, and how painful it can be to only remember bullet points from the best days of my life... 

Birth will transform you - and that transformation deserves to be documented, celebrated, and remembered. Your birth story matters. Your role as a mother matters. Sure, I love to photograph the babies - but my heart is with helping you feel seen and special, too.

Sunrise over the Wheat Field

Yo! I'm Leslie!


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Me being a total weirdo...
just a neurospicy mama raising neurospicy kids... 

I think being neurodivergent is a superpower. Seriously. 

BUT, it can make traditional family photos hard... 

I used to buy my kid a pair of jeans every year for pictures. He hated wearing jeans. And now I have all of these photos of him wearing pants he hated and never wore in real life, while miserably trying to smile and make me happy. I wish someone would've told me it doesn't have to be that way.

That's why my approach to family photos is different.


Yes, ALL kids are hard. And I don't know a single kiddo who would rather take family photos than play. But if you have neurospicy kids, then you know what I mean when I say it's a whole different ball game with them...

If my kids have taught me anything though, it's to let go of perfection, enjoy the chaos, and be present with what is.

I don't know about you, but I want to remember the fun we had together more than the challenges of raising them...


A little more about me...

Cat Stretching on Sheets


Deep conversation
Coffee. And lots of it.
comfort over style
A good book or podcast

Fries with Ketchup


Fakeness (is that a word?)

Dumb Rules



Fixed Mindset

The "box"

The sweetest words

"Looking at birth photos (again) and [baby] came and sat with me. She was very interested in the photos, and seemed particularly fond of the ones you captured of our “love at first sight” moments. I am forever grateful to you for getting every detail when I was in such a fuzzy state and could only remember some of the major parts, but not the little ones (like how sweet her little feet were in my hands). You are the best ❤"

- Harmony, Lincoln NE

What do you want to remember?

Fall Foliage
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