By the way, have you downloaded your free copy of my “8 Steps to Preparing for Your Best Birth” guide yet?  Get on it girl and OWN your experience!! Oh, did I mention it’s FREE? You’re welcome :)

the experience of your birth is just

as important as your pictures of it.

Listen Linda, your birth experience matters to me.  I'm not just A photographer, I'm a BIRTH photographer.  It's my calling.

That means I don’t just dabble in birth sessions because I got a random inquiry for one.  It’s not an after thought on my services page. I don’t squeeze them in with weddings, families, seniors, etc. to be the Walmart of photographers.  BIRTH is what I do. And I do it well, if I do say so myself **pats self on back while tooting own horn**. 


I’m educated about birth, beyond just my own personal experience. I respect the sacredness of your birth space and your own individual needs and wants. I LOVE helping my clients not only capture but CREATE the birth experience of their dreams.  


When I become your birth photographer, I am FULLY invested in you and your experience.  It’s what I live for. Aaaaand we’ll probably become friends through the process. Just sayin’.


That’s what you need for this journey.  You don’t need someone who can take decent shots with studio or sun light.  You don’t need a photographer friend who takes lovely family photos but knows nothing about birth.   You need the chick who lives and breathes birth, and who knows how to document your story so that when your memory fades, the pictures take you right back.  


(Spoiler alert - it’s me.  I’m that chick).

Meet the team



I love 90's music, fuzzy socks, warm baths and the Huskers.  Yoga, coffee and running are my drugs of choice.

Fairy/nose picker


She doesn't do much to help with sessions, but she is cute and will light up any room. 

Part time assistant/laugh maker


He sometimes joins me in sessions.  Although he's great at getting laughs,  he'd rather be playing football.



Because we like our cat...

And 3 felt awkward.

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Leslie Castleberry

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