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Birth Session Information

Birth Photography is Unique

BABIES RUN ON THEIR OWN CLOCK - birth happens when it happens, and it's timing is not always convenient. Even if you're planning a C-section or induction, the timing of your baby's arrival is never 100% predictable.  I take a limited number of births per month to make sure I'm not only offering a high level of individualized service, but also to make sure that I'm available when baby decides to join us on the outside. Your investment in birth photography covers weeks of on call time, 2am wake up calls, false alarms, and missed family events. No matter what, I will be there for you.

THE BIRTH SPACE IS NOT A STUDIO - Birth photography requires more than someone with a great eye and a fancy camera. You want to make sure the person you hire to document your birth understands birth, and knows how to conduct themselves in that space.  Your birth space is sacred, and anyone you invite into it should have the the utmost respect for it.  

DOCUMENTING WHAT IS - your photos will not look like anyone else's because your story is not like anyone else's - you, your baby and your birth are completely unique. No matter how your birth unfolds, your story will be documented as it happens. My goal is to be a fly on the wall in your space - paying close attention to all the raw beauty and emotion of  your story, and capturing it just as it is.  

Surrogate Birth at Bryan Hospital in Lincoln NE.JPG

Step 1 - Secure your due date

Due dates are silly, IMO. They should be due "months", since most babies are born between 38 - 42 weeks. Therefore I go off of due "month" rather than a specific day.  

Because birth is unpredictable and cannot be scheduled, I take no more than 2 births per month. I will need two things from you to book your due date:


1. Your first installment of the birth package you've chosen

2. A signed contract

Once your date is confirmed, I will be in touch along the way to keep you informed and build our relationship so you don't feel like I'm  a stranger walking into your birth space. We will also meet in person at least once before birth day to go over your unique birth preferences. 

Step 2 - Before Birth Day

Once your due date is on my calendar, I will send you a new client guide, as well as a comprehensive questionnaire to learn more about your birth preferences.  Around the beginning of your third trimester, we will meet for an in person prenatal appointment to talk more about your preferences, including what you do (and do not) want me to photograph. We will also go over your birth preferences, wishes and fears, and come up with a plan for how I can best support you and your partner through the process.

In the final weeks of your third trimester, I will ask that you keep me updated after prenatal appointments and let me know of any new developments/changes/symptoms.  False alarms are totally okay and welcome - I would much rather be woken up at 2am with a false alarm than miss your birth! We will go over when to call in detail at your prenatal appointment, but for now just know that you are never bugging me with updates or "maybe's"


Step 3 - Birth Day!

The day has finally come!

By this point, we will have already been in close communication, so it will be no surprise to me when you call to say it's happening!

I will arrive at your birth place within 2 hours of you requesting my presence, and I will be with you until 2 hours after baby is born - no matter how long it takes!

Your job is now to just ignore me, drop in to your body, and be fully present in your labor with your baby. You get to relax (as much as one can in labor) and know that all the best parts are being documented. 

Once baby arrives, I will stay for 2 hours to document those precious golden hours as you get to fall in love with them outside the womb.  We will capture all the important details - from the first feeding, to your partner's first time holding your baby, to all the newborn measurements. 

Home birth in Seward Nebraska.JPG

Birth Story Investment

How it works

Birth photography is an investment - and just like any other investment, the value of these images will grow with time. Seeing your images for the first time will bring tears to your eyes.  Seeing them again in 5 years, 10 years, or 30 years will bring you right back to those moments as if no time had passed at all.


I understand that cost is a concern for many families when they are looking for a birth photographer.  That's why all of my packages are split into three installments, with the final installment not due until after you've seen your photos. My hope is that this allows you to book your session when your date is still available, while still giving you plenty of time to gather the additional funds through the end of your pregnancy.


Your first installment is due at the time you book your session, and will save your due date on my calendar (remember, I schedule no more than 2 births per month)  Your second installment is due by 38 weeks.

Finally, when your photos are ready I will send you a slideshow of your gallery set to music (and your birth film, if you choose a film package.) Once you've had a chance to view that slideshow, you will pay your final installment to unlock your full gallery for download.

Dad comforting laboring mom.jpg

Birth Packages

The Birth Story

3 Installments of $675


24/7 on call time from 38 weeks - delivery

Unlimited hours at your birth through 2 hours postpartum 

High resolution digital downloads of your full gallery of images

(average gallery is 100-150 images)

Light doula services

The Birth Feature

3 Installments of $850


Everything in the birth story package, plus:

3-5 minute birth film

Optional Add-Ons

Lifestyle Maternity Session - *Starting at $175

Lifestyle Postpartum Session - 

*Starting at $175

*Prints and digital images sold separately.

Collections start at $200. Prices subject to change.

Ready to Book?


A proposal was sent to your email with

all of the options/details we discussed. To 

book your due date, simply visit the link in

your email to choose your services, sign 

your contract, and pay your first installment.

I will then be in touch soon with the next

steps. Can't wait!

"She captured emotion in every moment perfectly"

-Hannah, Lincoln NE

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