Navigating birth options (or lack thereof) in Nebraska can feel daunting...

Since Nebraska legally prohibits Certified Nurse Midwives (CNMs) from attending home births, and other types of midwives are difficult to find, home birth in Nebraska presents some unique challenges. If you're able to find a midwife to attend, they would not be able to continue your care should a transfer to the hospital become necessary. You might consider an unassisted birth, but the absence of a professional to manage potential complications can be unnerving - especially if you're a first time mom or have experienced complications in previous pregnancies or deliveries. And for many, being close to life-saving technology in a hospital provides needed reassurance.

Yet, the fear of losing control in a hospital setting—turning what should be a beautiful experience into a traumatic one—is real and valid. Unfortunately, many moms end up feeling like just another case rather than the driver of their own birth story. On top of that, there are so many distractions -- monitors, beeping, cords, etc. that can make you feel like a sick patient rather than a healthy woman having a baby.

Girl, I totally get it. Its a tough spot to be in, with limited choices that truly resonate with what you envision for your birth. However, I’m here to show you that, despite these challenges, your dream of a personalized, empowering birth experience is possible - no matter where you ultimately decide to give birth.


  1. Choose Your Provider Wisely: This is absolutely crucial. Your provider’s philosophy can profoundly impact your birth experience. Look for someone who respects and supports your desires for your birth. Interview multiple and ask thoughtful questions - like what is their c-section rate and what they consider a "natural birth" (side note - most OBs have never seen a physiological birth. So if that's your goal and your pregnancy is uncomplicated, a midwife might be a better option). If your current provider isn’t a perfect fit, don’t be afraid to look elsewhere. Your comfort with and trust in your provider is paramount.
  2. Educate Yourself on Interventions: Understand each medical intervention, its necessity, and its alternatives. A hospital environment can sometimes mean well-intentioned but routine interventions that might not be necessary (and can ultimately cause more harm than good). By educating yourself, you can make informed decisions about what’s truly best for you and your baby.
  3. Bring a Doula into Your Team: Doulas don’t replace your health care provider, but complement their role by offering emotional support and knowledge throughout your labor and delivery. They can also help you and your partner advocate for your birth plan when you're most vulnerable.
  4. Request Intermittent Monitoring: Instead of being hooked up continuously to monitors, ask if you can have intermittent monitoring. This small change can significantly increase your ability to move freely and find comfort during labor, enhancing your ability to manage pain naturally.
  5. Dress in Your Own Comfortable Clothing: Who says you have to wear a hospital gown? While they will ask you to change as a part of their routine practice, you do not have to! Wearing your own clothes can help you feel more at home and in control - and less like a sick patient.
  6. Personalize Your Space: Bring items from home that make you feel relaxed and happy. Whether it’s photos, your favorite pillow, a diffuser with your chosen essential oils, or even fairy lights to create a soothing atmosphere—these touches can transform a sterile hospital room into your own personal birthing oasis.
  7. Prepare Your Mind and Body: Treat your birth like the significant event it is. Engage in prenatal yoga, meditation, and visualizations to strengthen your body and mind. Educate yourself thoroughly—beyond the standard hospital class—to arm yourself with knowledge and build confidence.

No matter how you choose to move forward, remember that you are in control, and you can shape your birth experience to be as close to your vision as possible. Whether adjusting your birth team, deepening your understanding of your options, or transforming a hospital room into a more personal space, you’re taking powerful steps toward the birth you want. I'm here cheering for you to have the most beautiful, empowered birth experience—whether that happens at home or in a hospital. You’ve got this!

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