I really regret having pictures of my baby's birth

- No mom ever.

What is Birth Photography?

I get 1 of three reactions when I tell people I'm a birth photographer:

1. A confused, somewhat disgusted look

2. "Oh, so you take newborn photos" (then repeat #1 when I tell them what it really means)


If you're #3, you're my people.

If you're #1 or #2, don't worry.  You're the majority.  Birth photography is a relatively new genre of photography.  Think of it as the wedding photography of your baby's birthday - only it can't be scheduled and often happens in the middle of the night.  But the reason is the same - birth photography captures the events of the most important and emotional day of your life.



There are so many things to consider when you’re expecting a baby.  One thing we already know is that you want pictures of your baby's birthday (otherwise, why the heck did you stop by?)


This is a BIG day that you can never get back.  Don't hire just anyone with a fancy camera to capture it. 


You need someone you can trust who will not only show up for you (likely in the middle of the night) but who will take quality images that truly capture the emotion in every moment.

Look, if you're on a budget (who's not?) and you're trying to decide what to spend your hard-earned cash on, trust me on this.  You won't regret these images.  I mean, unless you plan to bring that fancy stroller and bassinet to family gatherings 30 years from now to walk down memory lane, you might be better off allocating those funds to preserving your memories.   The stroller will be old news in a matter of 5 years.  But the pictures?  Man, those are GOLD.

Trust me, momma.  You will never regret these images.

How it works:



This is a casual, no-obligation opportunity for us to get to know each other and answer all your questions. 


The coffee is on me  



Put down a deposit on your session to save your due date on my calendar.  A variety of packages and flexible payment options are available to fit your budget and needs.



Once you're on my calendar, I will check in with you on occasion to help you prepare for your session.  When it's baby time, I'll be there with you to capture the magic - day or night.



I'll document your birth story so you can focus on your body and baby.

Within 4-6 weeks your gallery will be ready for to view. Make sure to  stock up on the tissues.

"Okay, she's worth every penny"

"It's just so crazy how with all the chaos that was going on in the room, she captured that moment and made it look like time stood still.  Okay, she's worth every penny"

- Paul, Lincoln NE

Morgan Jr-450.jpg


(and other frequently asked questions)

How are you doing things differently during the pandemic?

As someone who has worked in the hospital setting with newborns BC (before Covid), germ awareness is nothing new to me.  I always make sure to keep my hands clean and sanitized, and make self-care a priority to stay in the best health possible to continue to serve you well during this time.  We will discuss all the things related to Covid when we chat at your first consult.

Does my birth place allow extra visitors (ie: photographers)?

The answer to this question is subject to change (as does everything about this virus).  

During the pandemic when hospitals are only allowing one support person during delivery, you will receive complimentary doula services when you hire me for birth photography.

This is my way of giving back to birthing families during a very difficult time when moms are having to pick and choose their birth team.  While you may not be able to have your dream team, I want to make sure you are able to have both professional support AND images to remember your special day.

And yes, this applies to you even if you're having a home birth!

How "graphic" will my images be?  Will they be shared online?

I'm someone who doesn't believe birth images are "graphic".  However, we will talk in-depth about your preferences for what is ok and not ok for me to photograph.  We will also discuss what you're comfortable with sharing.  It's your body and your birth, so the decision on what to share is 100% yours!

What if you can't make it to my birth, or an emergency changes my birth plan?

Birth is unpredicatable and life happens - so I plan for the unexpected!  I have a wonderful backup birth photographer that I work with in case I am unable to make it to your birth (due to illness, etc.). 

If changes in Covid-related hospital policy disallow me from attending your birth, any payments made on your package can be transferred to additional sessions and/or products such as albums or memory boxes. 


If an emergency changes your birth plan (ie an unplanned cesarean), then I will stay and document as much of your story as possible, both before and after.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes!  I offer a variety of options, including flexible interest-free payment options, as well as a gift registry for friends and family to help with the cost.  Where there's a will, there's a way!