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Remember what really mattered...


Can I photograph your family for free? (Models wanted!)

I want to be super honest for a second.  I don't really care about photos that look pretty. I don't like props. And I don't think it really matters to look back on photos simply to remember what you looked like at that time. 

To me, our photos are about telling our story. When you look back on your photos, you should be transported back in time. You should remember how life was during that season. Your photos should bring a nostalgic smile to your face as you remember not the pretty, but the real and the messy parts of growing and raising your family. 

What is important for you to remember?

What is it about this sweet season of life that you want to remember? Is it the way your toddler rests her head on your shoulder, sucking her thumb as you read her stories before bedtime? How about the way you did everyday life one-handed while cradling your milk drunk, sleeping newborn?  Or maybe seeing the way your littles bonded as siblings in those early days, before they were experts in the art of sibling rivalry or teenagers off doing their own thing.

Experience a different kind of photo session

As a mother and a photographer, it's these moments that mean the most to me, and the ones I want to capture for you the most. Because I know when 10, 15, or 30 years go by, these will be the most special to you.  If you agree, then this opportunity is definitely for you. I am looking for 10 families to photograph for free in order to build a stronger portfolio of documentary/lifestyle family photography.


Who & What

This model call is for you if.....

      You are in the family building/raising phase of life

        You googled "documentary lifestyle family photography" and think             it would be awesome to have similar photos of your family

         You like free photo sessions

What to expect from your session

With this model call, you will get a free 60 minute session in your home. I will ask you to pick an activity that you love doing with your kiddos, and we will document all of the fun, chaos, and sweet moments that go along with it. 

Your session will start with 15 minutes of "formal" family photos. That means we will snap a few shots of everyone together, looking at the camera. I call these the "refrigerator" shots - ya know, the ones you send to grandma for the fridge. 

After the "formal" photos, we will spend the remaining 45 minutes doing an activity of your choice.  I recommend choosing something you and your family really love doing together - whether that's playing a game, coloring, cooking, reading, or pillow fighting. Choose something that will bring back super warm and fuzzy memories as your looking at your photos 20 years from now.

Where & When

In-home sessions

The session will take place in your home, where everyone is warm, comfortable and relaxed!  There is no need to make sure it looks pinterest perfect - because these photos are all about real life! So feel free to be as messy (or not) as you're comfortable with.

February-March 2022

I am looking for 10 families to photograph between February 1, 2022 and March 15, 2022. Session time slots will be booked on a first come, first serve basis.


What you'll get

1 hour photo session in your home
Online Gallery and Digital Files 
$50 print credit




Apply on or before January 20 and double  your print credit ($100 instead of $50!)

Deadlines to apply

January 15 - Applications open to the VIP list only

January 20 - Applications open to public and deadline for double print credit bonus

January 30 - Applications close

January 31 - Chosen applicants will be notified and invited to book their session date!  First come-first serve.

z bday to print-26.jpg

What you do with your images is perhaps the most important aspect to consider when you're planning for a photo session - but it's all too often

the part that's overlooked

You've invested time and money. You deserve better than photos gathering dust on a hard drive somewhere (or worse yet - lost in the digital ether). You will never get the same feeling looking at your photos on a screen as you will seeing them on your wall or flipping through them in an album.

Below is a sample from the print store where you can use your print credit.



Not your typical drugstore prints. These fine art prints give life to your images with vibrant colors, stunning contrast and a super soft-to-the-touch texture. Prints are available in a variety of sizes, which make them perfect to mix and match, send to friends and family, and display in your favorite frames.

Starting at $8



Keepsake boxes are perfect for the sentimental person who loves to hold onto physical treasures as well as printed photos.  Each keepsake box is custom designed and can include names, dates, birth stats, a meaningful quote, etc.  Small boxes include 5x7 prints, and large boxes include a 6x6 photo album.

Starting at $450

xmas card.JPG


Let your creativity run wild! These are perfect for announcing your baby’s birth, or sharing with friends and family for the holidays.  Using my design templates, you get to customize the perfect card to share your joy with those closest to you.

Starting at $60



Your photos are printed on heirloom quality fine art paper that lays completely flat when you open it.  The pages are nice and thick to stand the test of time (and little fingers).  Your album will hold up to 30 of your favorite images, and can be customized with a full photo cover or your choice of cover materials and colors

Starting at $85

"She captured emotion in every moment perfectly."

- Hannah, Lincoln NE

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