Professional Quality Heirlooms


Preserve your memories.  Support local.

I believe in the value of tangible memories.  There's just something special about picking up an album and flipping through it, or framed images you can walk past everyday.  The rise of digital images and DIY labs have made it easy and cost-effective for families to print their memories.  You want quality prints and heirlooms that will stand the test of time, and you also want the experience to be easy and pressure free.  I provide digital images with all of my sessions because that's what I want as a consumer - after all, digital images allow you to have a backup of your images in case your tangible artwork becomes lost or damaged.  It also allows you to hold on to those memories for future projects - such as an album of your baby's first milestones, from their first birthday to their first day of school.

When you purchase your physical artwork through me, you're not only getting high quality products that will last forever.  You're also supporting a small, local business who happens to be owned by a single mom.  You get the satisfaction of knowing that your order makes me do a happy dance, and the experience from photoshoot through delivery will be a personal one. 

What personal service looks like

I don't want you to purchase something you don't want. 

I just want to help you get exactly what you DO want, in a way that makes it easy for you.

Maybe you love DIY services because there's no salesperson standing over your shoulder waiting for you to make a decision. 

Or maybe you know that, if left to your own devices, you'll never get your memories printed - because lets face it, life happens and kids take a lot of time and energy! 

Or maybe creating things like albums or gallery walls is just not where you were blessed with creativity.

That's why I offer pressure-free sales of heirloom quality products and personalized design services to help you get exaclty what you want, without the pressure and without the stress of not knowing what to do (which usually ends up in deciding to do nothing at all).

No matter where you're at on that spectrum, I've got you.  If you want tangible products that do your memories justice, I'll be here to help you every step of the way.


Professional Quality Prints

Maybe you have a special frame for baby that you need an 8x10 for.  Or maybe you're a DIY scrapbook queen who needs a stack of prints to create your own birth story album!  No matter what your print needs are, I've got you covered - from basic 4x6's to unique square prints, to large wall art you can display on your gallery wall.  And the best part is - you can order it all online from the comfort of your home.  And if you're not sure what to get, I'm just a phone or Zoom call away to help you with sizing and design suggestions.


Small prints

start at $3

Screen Shot 2021-03-29 at 2.00.15 PM.png

Large prints

start at $14

Screen Shot 2021-03-29 at 2.00.48 PM.png

Wall art

start at $90

Photo Albums

Photo albums are the classic way to print and preserve your once-in-a-lifetime memories.  These lay flat albums come in three sizes;  5x7, 10x10 or 12x12.  All albums are printed with the highest quality paper and your choice of a variety of cover materials and colors. 


5x7 album

start at $275


10x10 album

Start at $600


12x12 album

start at $700


Digital Albums

Digital albums are a new and fun way to save and share your video and/or slideshow memories!  I will work with you to create a custom designed cover to include your baby's name and birth stats, or whatever is special and unique for you.  The video is then uploaded to this album and begins playing immediately when you open the cover.


Keepsake Boxes

I'm  a major sentimental sap - so if I had to pick, this would be my absolute favorite heirloom product.  Keepsake boxes are hand made and custom designed, available in three sizes.  They are designed to hold printed photos and/or USB drives of your images, as well as important physical keepsakes from you baby's journey earthside.  Parents have used these to keep their pregnancy tests, sonogram photos, hospital bracelets, and more.   This is the perfect companion to (or replacement for) your baby book.




With room for small keepsakes, prints and a USB.  2 different wood designs, and one classic design to choose from.  Customize with your baby's name and birth stats




This dual memory box has two 5x7 slots to hold both printed photos and small keepsakes.  This is the perfect companion to your baby book!




The ultimate keepsake box.

Includes a divided tray for smaller keepsakes that lifts out, room for larger items such as baby's first outfit, plus a complimentary 5x5 photo book and handprint keepsake kit

Find something you like?

Complete the form below to get more information about any of the products above.  Want to take them for a test drive first?  I'm happy to bring any samples over for you to see and touch in person.  And if you're feeling overwhelmed and not sure what you want (but know that you want something), let me know that too and I'll help you weigh each of the options to discover the perfect heirloom for your family.