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What is this memory worth...?


Memory fades...

The labor time warp is something else...

Labor requires your full attention.  You will miss what's going on around you as you enter labor land to become  fully present with your body and baby.  

When your baby finally emerges, you will be so caught up in the emotional high of that moment that you'll completely lose track of time and the world around you. 

Then... the sleep deprivation hits.  It's no wonder they say "you forget all the pain" - because with sleep deprivation comes memory fuzziness.  Also - mom brain anyone?

Your baby's birth day will fly by in a blur.  When you finally catch your breath, you can relax knowing all of the most important moments were documented so you never forget the sweet details of the day you met your baby.


Birth Photography is right for you if...

Your baby's birth day is just as (or more) important than your wedding day.

You want to see your birth from the outside looking in, and catch all the moments you missed while in labor land

You don't want to worry about reminding someone to take photos or miss important moments.

You want your partner to focus on you, not fumbling with a camera.

Birth Packages

All of my birth clients enjoy an initial consultation free of charge, plus another prenatal appointment to discuss your unique preferences and customize your experience.  You will receive a full gallery of digital images (100-150) that tells your whole story - from the big moment when you see your baby for the first time, to all the small and sweet details in between. And the best part - with me there, your partner actually gets to be a part of that story rather than behind the camera

When you add me to your birth team, I will be ready to drop everything for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the weeks leading up to your baby's arrival. Your investment covers 2 am wake up calls, false alarms, and unlimited hours at your birth.  I will be there to capture your story - whether it happens on a random Tuesday in the middle of the day, or in the wee hours of Christmas morning.

No matter what, I'll be there for you.

Step 1: Check to see if your due date is available.


Step 2: Schedule a quick call to answer all your questions, plus I will teach you the 3 things you should be asking your birth photographer that you probably haven't thought of

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Motherhood Sessions

It's not just about the baby. #unpopularopinion


Birth is a metaphor for life.  For motherhood itself.

It's hard.

It's exhilarating.

It's messy. 


You choose to be present. You choose to be aware. You choose to be in control. Yet fully surrendered. 


Motherhood will transform you.


Why wouldn't you document it?




Starting at $125


Family Sessions

Your family is your most important investment. 

When you ask the question "what is more valuable than money", most people will either say "time" or "family".  

Your babies will grow up soooo fast.  Make sure you have a plan to capture the special moments along the way so that when your babies look back on photos from their childhood, they know how much you valued your time with them.



Starting at $125

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Before you book a session


"She was everything I wanted in a birth photographer and more."

Leslie is hands down the most amazing birth and lifestyle photographer I’ve seen. Her work speaks for itself. But more importantly, she’s an amazing PERSON!  In the labor/delivery room she was so poised and professional and while trying to shoot photos for us, she was also able to help cue my husband on some un-Medicated pain management techniques that helped me to cope. When things got crazy hectic in the room she was there to capture it all and make it look peaceful and calm. She was everything I wanted in a birth photographer and more.

- Morgan, Lincoln NE

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