Mock Birth

Girl, you need professional photos 

Maybe I'm biased - but I don't think so.  The truth is, people take you more serious when you have professional images to represent your business.


I wish I could follow you to a birth to capture your doula magic in action - but alas, Covid tells us no.  So I decided to create the next best thing: 

a Mock Birth for you to come and get professional images of you

"working it" at a birth!


Why invest in professional brand photos?

#1 Create Connection

Humans (ie: your ideal clients) are visual.  We don't just want to hear or read about what you do, we want to see it.  Photographs give your clients a "sneak peek" into what their experience can look like with you on their birth team.

#2 Good 1st Impression

Ever come across a brand that has cheap looking images or video, and you think to yourself "they must not be very legit" (don't feel bad - we all judge). 


Professional images elevate your brand and create a higher level of perceived legitimacy by your potential clients

#3 Build Trust

Imagine you're looking to buy a car, and you find a site with several listings in your price range.  There are two listings for the model you've had your eye on, but only one has photos.  Which seller will you reach out to?

Photos help build trust with our potential clients, even before they reach out.


If we've never met...

I'm Leslie! 

I'm obsessed with ALL THINGS BIRTH.

(And Business).

I'm a birth photographer, doula and single-mom business owner who LOVES supporting my fellow local birth nerds.  I'm also obsessed with "the business side" that most of us birthy people hate - I nerd out on it almost as much as birth.  

Let's face it - Covid hit all of us hard.  Things don't quite look the same as they used to, and my dream of being able to shadow all of you at a real birth is pretty much all but shattered.  And while I'd much rather capture you in your element at a REAL birth, that just isn't an option right now.  (cue crying emoji)

So we're going to roll with it (our new way of life since March 2020).  Instead of me following you to the birth, I'm going to bring the birth to you.  So bring your rebozo and birth ball and a super-doula attitude, and we're going to capture some magic for you to show off to your potential clients!


The Details

Who. What. When. Where.


This is for you if

1. You're a doula or birth worker with a website (or planning to create one)

2. You want professional images to showcase your skills to potential clients


The mock birth is an opportunity for you to get quality images of you supporting a pregnant mom, without me having to follow you to a real birth.  With an optional headshot add-on, this is an entire branding photo session you won't want to miss.


Mock birth sessions will be scheduled during the first week of May, date TBD.  There will be time slots every 30 minutes in the late afternoon/early evening


We will be shooting at a beautiful Airbnb apartment in downtown Lincoln for a home-like feel. 

I'm looking for 5 families to feature in my lifestyle newborn portfolio

Here's what you'll get from your session

30 minute session ($150 value)

10-20 edited digital images with commercial release to use in your own marketing material ($500 value)


Optional professional head shot add-on for $95 ($150 value)


A spotlight blog post on my website all about you and your business (worth at least a cup of coffee)

A new BFF in the birth community (PRICELESS)

$800+ Value

Your Price $225

How it works:

1.  Register below with a $50 deposit to save your spot

(full amount due prior to your session)

2. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram

3.  Be on the lookout for an email from me with location details and to confirm your session date and time.

4. Grab your birth bag and meet me on location!



Register by March 15 and add on

FREE professional headshots!

If you're already coming for the mock birth, you might as well grab some fresh headshots while you're at it!  Register early and get the add-on FREE

Register here!

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