2020 Family Staycation

So, we’re stuck at home - cooped up with the people we love the most but who also push our buttons the most. This is a trying time for all of us.

I know you have your own version of what makes this hard for you and your family. As things change so quickly, it seems like you're thrown off right about the time you start to feel a sense of equilibrium. I know it's hard. I’m sending you all the vibes of love and light (and sanity).

I also know you have your own version of how this time is a blessing - and a multitude of things you're grateful for.

(Oh Olaf... you may not think you're old enough to be wise, but you totally are...)

These are uncharted waters so I'm definitely not qualified to tell you what you should be doing right now.

But ...

WHAT IF we re-framed our perspective and instead of saying we're "stuck at home" we instead called this our "2020 Family Staycation”?!?

What if we photographed all the things we’re doing differently (or doing more of) as if we were on a family adventure together? (spoiler alert - we are).

What if we documented all the small moments - coloring, dance parties, going on daily walks together, the learning that’s happening at home with our children? Or even just chillin’ on the couch scrolling through our phones with the chaotic mess around us? (without the stress of matching outfits, makeup or forcing smiles. Or dare I say - a BRA)

Coloring a birthday card with my little lady!

What if we captured the creative ways we found to stay busy while staying safe at home? (This week I’m planning a camp-out in the living room - complete with a YouTube fire, burning sage, a tent, ghost stories and s'mores. Stay tuned!)

Practice for later (it's a surprise!) and exercising our mind and body :)

We are literally making history right now. Our children are a part of it. How cool would it be to make a time capsule of this time for our kids to share with their kids and grandkids about the “Pandemic of 2020”?

These are some of my favorite moments - now and always

I know you're already taking pictures on your phone. And I'd be willing to bet all my buttons that you have some way to prop that baby up and set a self-timer so you can exist in these moments with your family.

Can you be more intentional with your pictures to document these crazy times?

I’ve made it my goal to capture something from each day. Whether that’s art projects, family walks, movie nights, etc. They are all going into a folder on my computer called “The Great 2020 Family Staycation”. I'm not committing to more than I can handle, but rather just being intentional about what I want to remember of this time.

And since photos are my jam, I'm also using this as an opportunity to not only document this time, but to be creative. While you're snapping photos of your staycation, make sure to save some time for creativity, too.

And when life gets back to normal and we’re all running around like busy bees again, I will take the images we’ve captured and create an album for each of my children with the memories from this extremely weird, special, precious time together. I'm determined to make this a positive experience for me and my family in the best way I can.

If this sounds fun to you, I invite you to join me! You don’t have to have a fancy camera to make this fun and meaningful. Just a little intention and the ability to be present with the people in your world right now.

Please share and post your pictures on FB or Instagram, then tag me so I can see what you’re up to! I can’t WAIT to see what you all are doing on your #2020familystaycation!

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