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5 Tips for What to Wear for Your Birth Story Session

It might seem kinda silly to talk about what to wear for a birth session. Don’t you just wear the same thing to birth the baby as you did to make it?

Yes, you will be partially (if not completely) nude. That's just the nature of birthing babies.

However, there are definitely things to keep in mind as you’re planning your birthday outfit so that you end up with images that you’re proud of. I will never tell you what you “should” wear for a birth session. It’s YOUR birth story, and my top priority is that you are comfortable and empowered in your birth experience. So, if you want to be completely nude and primal, I’m all for it! But if you’re a more modest type and would like to share your images with friends and family, without showing it ALL, then I want to make sure I’m supporting you in that as well.

So here are my *suggestions* for what to think about when you’re planning your birth story ensemble:

1. Comfort over style - Ain’t nobody want to run a marathon in heels. And birth is no different. Your body will be working hard, so make sure you support it with clothing (or not) that allows you to move around freely. If you’re planning a hospital birth, don’t be afraid to request to wear your own clothes instead of a hospital gown. They are usually very accommodating - just ask.

2. Style is okay too - This is YOUR day! Sure you want to be comfortable, but you’re the co-star of this show and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to wear something that makes you feel beautiful. You may choose to wear a pretty lacy bralette, a floral shawl, or even a piece of special jewelry. If you plan to use the birth tub or shower during your labor/delivery, be mindful of your clothing color choices. White may see through, and light to mid-tone colors (like grey) will show more contrast between dry and wet. Darker colors, like navy blue or black, will lessen those effects.

3. For the modest momma - wearing a skirt or dress without undies is a creative way to keep your lady parts hidden (if that’s your goal) during your labor and delivery. Just make sure you’re okay with whatever you wear getting a little (or a lot) messy! Again, darker colors are good here if you do not want - eh hem, bodily fluids - to show.

4. Hair / Makeup - Just like the rest of these tips, hair and makeup are totally optional. Some labors happen too quickly or intensely to have time to even brush your hair. And honestly, I think all birthing women are gorgeous - makeup or not (I might be biased). But if you have some time and would like to look polished in your images, it’s totally okay to throw on a little eyeliner or put a few curls in your hair.

5. Don’t forget about dad - Your partner will likely be in the photos as well, as he/she should be! My #1 tip for dads is to ditch the baseball cap, because it can often block his face as he’s looking down at baby. We want to make sure we capture dad’s reactions too, so the no-hat rule is a good one to follow. And just remember - these images will be around long after baby is grown and gone. So just be aware of that when choosing the outfit that will be memorialized in your baby’s birth story.

You can check out past client galleries here for examples and inspiration.

Did I miss anything? Let me know if you have any creative ideas for what to wear during a birth story session.

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