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A peaceful birth at the CHI Birth Center

"the intensity of birth can't be stronger than me, because it IS me"

Ashley and her husband Troy reached out to hire me late in their pregnancy. Ashley told me that she has always LOVED the idea of birth photography, but wasn't sure if she was open enough to have a photographer for her birth, personally. Luckily (for her and for me), she decided that she wanted to have her 2nd birth documented professionally.

It was a snowy March morning - the kind of storm that tends to bring babies out (I had two born within 2 hours of each other that morning! Needless to say, it was a wild day).

When I arrived at the birth center, Ashley was soooo chill. She was chatting calmly with Troy and her doula, Mandi Campbell (Beautiful Beginnings Birth Services). She was in active labor, but you wouldn't have guessed it from her calm demeanor!

When things started to pick up a bit, Mandi filled the tub and added a few pretty touches to create a serene place for Ashley to ride the waves of labor.

Ashley had been laboring hard in the tub for quite a while - she had her heart set on a water birth, but baby had other plans. Sometimes a simple position / location change can make all the difference, so we moved into the bathroom to try laboring on the toilet to see if that would help baby descend.

Mission accomplished! Hi baby!

A few hours later, Ashley and Troy's older daughter came to meet her brand new baby sister.

Just the beginning...

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