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Updated: May 10, 2019

I've never met a mom who regretted having photos of her baby's birthday - but I have met plenty (myself included) who regret not having any images.

Much like a wedding or other special event, birth photography documents the unfolding story of a very special day. Birth photography will capture the anticipation of your baby’s arrival, down to the details of your birth place and support team. Birth photography captures the raw emotion and pure power of a woman’s journey to bring her baby earthside. And only birth photography can capture the first of the firsts: The first time you hear your baby’s cry. The first time you see, smell and hold your little one, the look on your face that says “I did it!”. The reactions of everyone present in your birth space - maybe your partner or your other children. Moments that you hope you remember forever, but that happen so quickly it’s hard to say for sure that you will.

So why is it important to hire a birth photographer instead of having your mom/sister/doula/partner take birth photos?

When you hire a birth photographer, you’re getting much more than a warm body with a fancy camera.

Making the choice to invite a photographer into your birth space is a very personal decision. I can’t tell you what is right for you, but you may consider these points in making your decision:

1. Professional birth photography is aimed at telling a whole story. A good birth photographer will use an artistic eye to beautifully and tastefully document the story from beginning to end, without distraction. You will be left with images that tell the story in its entirety, to remember and share as your little one gets older.

2. A family member or friend with a good camera may be able to take decent pictures, but lighting during birth tends to be incredibly tricky. Shooting inside with very little light can be extremely difficult, especially if the camera used is not advanced enough to handle low light conditions and the photographer is not experienced with low light photography. An experienced professional photographer has both the necessary equipment and technical know-how to capture images that reflect the emotion and beauty of your story perfectly.

3. Your partner might be a great photographer! However, by relying on your partner to take photographs, he or she will be deprived of being a crucial part of your support during labor and in the moments after your baby is born. He or she may also miss the opportunity to be captured in some of those first images as well. Hiring a professional ensures that your partner can not only support you during the birthing process, but also ensures that his or her involvement is documented as well.

4. Your birth story photographs are a legacy that you will leave behind to your children. You only have one chance to document that day. And your birth photographer has only ONE job on that day - to ensure that the images you leave behind are not just snapshots, but rather high quality images that capture the events, the emotion and the memory of your baby's birthday.

Special Offer for my first 10 clients

Although I’ve been confidently photographing families, children and babies since 2014, my experience in the birth story niche is limited. Long story short - I don’t have much to show potential clients who are interested in birth photography! In exchange for allowing me to use the images from your birth as examples for future clients, you will receive a generous discount on your birth story session.

What you’ll get:

-On-call coverage 24/7 from 37 weeks through birth

-Photography coverage from active labor through 1-2 hours after birth

-Slideshow of your entire gallery

Who I’m looking for:

5 families planning a home birth

2 -3 families planning a hospital birth

2 -3 families planning a birth center birth

I invite you to apply if your “guess date” is between June and October, 2019. Sessions are currently offered at 30% off during this promotional period. To qualify for the discount, you must be willing to sign a model release for marketing and promotional purposes. A deposit of $150 will be due upon booking to save your due date on my calendar.

Click here to apply now.

If you think you might be interested, but aren’t sure yet, go ahead and fill out the application here. Once your application is submitted, I will contact you with more details and to set up a free consultation. There’s no obligation unless and until you decide that you want me to attend your birth as your photographer.

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