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Deja Vu - Surprise gender baby #2

This is the story of one of my favorite families. Morgan and Paul hired me to photograph the birth of their first child in 2019 - baby Mila. (You can read her birth story here)

Mila was born in December of 2019 - right before the craziness of 2020 hit. I remember talking with Morgan about how lucky we were that I was able to be there for them. Fast forward 18 months when the worst of the pandemic was over - and they had news for me.

This was, by far, the sweetest way anyone has ever asked me to photograph them. I felt so loved and special!

Just like last time, Morgan asked me to capture her pregnancy - only this time, we had an extra little face in the frame :)

I got the call in the early morning hours on February 19, 2022 that they were headed to the hospital. Morgan, who teaches cross fit, was working through contractions at home and debating on whether or not she should teach her 5 am class (she's a true badass).

When I arrived at Bryan East Hospital, I was struck by deja vu. Morgan was wearing the same blue hospital gown and fuzzy slippers, bouncing on the birth ball. Just as she was when Mila was born. Paul was wearing *practically* the same outfit as before as well.

It didn't end there. We all hear that every baby, body, and labor is different. And that's true. But if there was an award for "most similar labor", I think Morgan would've won.

Morgan and Paul worked together during the early stages of active labor. They walked the hallways and bounced on the ball in the hospital room, stopping to breathe through contractions. Paul was always there to lend a hand with firm pressure on Morgan's back, or a comforting chest to lean on and sway.

And just like before, Morgan entered transition fast and furious.

She was managing like a champ - until she decided she was really done. The nurse suggested breaking her water, knowing that it would likely help her get over the hump she needed to dilate fully and meet her baby. However, not 2 minutes after calling for the doctor, Morgan's water broke on it's own and baby was born within minutes after.

As per their family tradition, they didn't know what they were having. Paul was the first to look and announce.


Now that the hard work was over, it was time to have some lunch and show off the new addition to big sister.

I even got to have some snuggles!! A big thanks to Paul for snapping this for me :)

I loved getting to meet them at home a week later to capture photos of them all together as a family. Seeing older kiddos become a sibling is one of my favorite things, and I can't wait to continue to capture them as they grow (best job ever).

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