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DIY Baby Bump Photo Tips - How to capture your growing bump with DIY "bumpies"

A question I see posted often in my local mommy Facebook groups is “when did you start showing with baby number ...??

One of the most exciting parts about pregnancy is sporting that cute little baby bump as proof that you really do have a little miracle growing inside you. It’s also the only time in your life when you don’t have to “suck it in” because having a big belly is adorable!! 😂🙌

While it may feel like you’re going to be pregnant forever (9 months is a long time to wait to meet the love of your life!) , let me tell you - this stage goes by sooooo fast. And once you start showing, your belly will get bigger and bigger every single week. That’s why I love the idea of doing weekly bump pictures to see the progression of your little nugget’s growth as you wait for their birthday. Not only will it be fun for you to see how much your body changes, but it will also be exciting for your little one to look at as they get older. Think of how special they’ll feel seeing that mommy took the time to document them often, even before they were born!

I know a lot of people take their own bump photos (because who has time for a professional shoot every week? (No really...who does? if you know her, send her my way!) So for all you DIY'ers out there, I've put together 8 quick tips for taking your own fabulous baby bump pictures that you'll be proud to show off:

1. Decide how often to document your bump, and set reminders on your phone. If you know me at all, you know I'm all about intention - but I'm also a space cadet and if my phone doesn't remind me to do stuff, I don't do the stuff... Once you decide how often you’re going to do it, set a reminder on your phone or google calendar (because #mombrain) so you don’t forget to take your bumpie!

2. Create a specific folder in your google drive or on your phone to save your pictures. Trust me, this will save you from having to dig through hundreds of pictures to find them when you’re ready to use them. If you’re anything like me, you have the greatest intentions of creating something adorable with your images, then get overwhelmed because you took too many, then they just sit there in digital land… Save yourself the hassle up front and put them all into one place so they’re organized and easy to find.

3. Get your face into the shot as well, not just your belly. Pictures with faces tend to be much more meaningful as the time passes.

4. Take pictures outside whenever possible. The lighting is much more flattering, and it will be really fun to look back at the changing seasons as your baby (and bump) grows.

5. Be mindful of your light source. Taking a photo with the light directly behind you will make your face shadowy, but light shining directly on you can make you squinty and create harsh shadows. Taking pictures early in the morning or late in the evening when the sun is lower can provide softer and prettier light. You can also find a patch of shade to stand in for the photo for more even lighting.

6. Consider using the same background, same shirt, a stuffed animal and/or other prop. This will provide a consistent reference point to compare your belly to as it grows!

7. Take a final picture right after baby is born to complete the baby bump series. If it’s too cold outside to take baby out, then take it in your home in front of a window that provides good natural light.

8. Create a collage to hang in baby’s room, or put in the baby book as a keepsake. I love using to create easy DIY collages.

Did you take regular “bumpies” during your pregnancy? I’d love to see yours!! Post your weekly, monthly, or whatever bumpies on Facebook and Instagram and tag @NovitaFamilyPhotostories with #bumpie. If you have any extra tips that I missed, share those too!

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