It's my Birthday!! *But YOU get the gifts!

Happy Birthday to me!!

October is my birth month, and to celebrate I want to do something special for YOU!

YUP. Happy Birthday to me. Happy GIFTS to you!

And I'm so excited about it that I just have to get it out. No long back story. No frilly introduction (except this one I suppose).

So here it is - in honor of my birth month, I'm giving you ALL DIGITAL IMAGES FREE from your birth or fresh 48 session when you book in the month of October!

I'm busting out all the GIFs for this. Yea, it's that special.

Whether you pick the smallest or largest package, you will get everything included in that package PLUS a high resolution digital download of every. stinkin. single. image. in your gallery. So I'm basically throwing more than $1,000 value at you right now. For free. Cuz it's my Birthday and I do what I want 😁

This will probably never happen again (or at least until my birthday next year) so you'll want to jump on this FAST if you're expecting a baby anytime soon and know you want all the images to remember the best day of your life.

Get in touch with me by October 31 at 5:00 pm to book your birth with any package and get all the digital images FREE.

But what if you aren't currently pregnant? No worries, I have something for you, too ;) Share this post on your favorite social media site and tag your friends/family members who ARE pregnant and might be interested. If someone you refer books a session with me, you will get a $75 studio credit!

I love you guys!! Thank you so much for an awesome first year, and for helping me to live out my mission of empowering moms with imagery, education and support. Being able to do what I love in service to my clients is the best birthday present ever :)

Are we already hanging out on Facebook and Instagram yet? If not, come join the party and bring your friends!! ('s not like a real party. Like...there's no dancing or music (yet), but it's full to the brim of pretty pictures and inspiring women keeping the human race going - so yea, it's pretty awesome. Avoid the FOMO and hit "like" and "follow" 😘).

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