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We didn't know we needed you - The birth of Selah at St. Elizabeth Hospital

Babies have a way of making you feel all of the feelings when they show up in your life. When we’re trying to have a baby and we get that positive test result, we feel overwhelmed with excitement and joy. Sometimes, though, we find out a little one is on the way when we weren’t trying, and the news is received with a bit of shock, hesitation, and even a little fear. Maybe you weren’t planning on having one or another one. Or maybe you were actively trying NOT to have one. Your world is turned upside down.

But what’s meant to be will be. And even though her parents didn’t know it yet, Selah was meant to be.

When Mikhaila met with me the first time, she shared that she was finally excited about her third pregnancy. A pregnancy that she and her husband didn’t intend, but that she had accepted as a wonderful blessing. And she knew that she wanted to remember every moment of Selah’s birthday.

She also shared that she was hoping to have a shorter pregnancy this time around, and was cautiously optimistic that she would since this was her third baby.

But... babies do what they want.

And little miss Selah decided she was quite cozy in there… for a full week and two days past her due date.

Mom was getting antsy. And admittedly, so was I. Everyone was ready to meet Selah!

On May 15, mom texted me at 11:27 am. “Things are starting to pick up.” she said. She thought I should plan to be at the hospital around 1 or 2 pm.

It’s a good thing I didn’t listen to her. Because when Selah decided she was finally ready to meet her mom and dad, she didn’t waste any time. I dropped what I was doing immediately and made my way to St. Elizabeth Hospital.

I got to the hospital room at 12:05 pm. Mikhaila was in active labor, breathing through contractions like a rockstar. Although she was giving birth at the hospital, she had elected to wear her own clothing during labor (YES, you can do that!). She was pacing the hospital room between contractions, following her body’s lead and allowing baby to move down. She knew she was close.

Her friend and doula made it just in time. She came into the room, grabbed Mikhaila’s hand and began praying. Praying for strength and courage for Mikhaila to endure the final stages of labor, and for a safe and healthy delivery for mom and baby. She stayed by her side from that moment on.

Everyone was there, and just in time.

Mikhaila leaned into her husband, Chaz, during one of her final contractions before meeting her baby. She fully embodied her incredible strength, and fully surrendered to the process all at once as she allowed her team to help her prepare to bring her baby earthside.

Mom squatted down, supported by the loving arms of her husband.

A couple of pushes later, Selah made her grand appearance at 12:55 pm.

She was absolutely perfect. A blessing they didn’t even know they needed. The missing puzzle piece that would complete their family. Needless to say, mom and dad are completely in love!

Happy Birthday, Selah Grace! Here's to many more, sweet girl...

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