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Why you should write your birth story (and how)

Since you’re sitting around with nothing to do since your baby was born, let’s talk about how and why you should write your birth story...

For real, tho. I know you’re beyond tired. I know you’re trying to find a new routine. I know you’re trying to figure out how to get a shower once or twice a week. You probably have in-laws in your space, “helping”. Sitting down and writing your birth story sounds like a great idea, but making time for it is another story...

But here's 3 big reasons why you should:

Process Your Emotions

Dude, having a baby is emotional stuff. And on the day baby decides to make her appearance, she doesn’t do so in a vacuum. Our lives are full of complications, relationship dynamics, and events outside of our control. Writing your birth story allows you to process all of the emotions from that day, both positive and negative. If your birth was traumatic or the circumstances before/after were less than ideal, writing it down can be especially helpful in the healing process. Maybe your husband was a total jerk earlier that day. Maybe your birth didn’t go as planned and you ended up with a c-section. Maybe your baby struggled to get his first breath. It’s important to process those feelings so you can move through and move on.

And if your birth was perfect in every way? For you, taking time to process those emotions will just reinforce the memory of how amazing you felt as you welcomed your baby into the world - and that’s never a bad thing.

Save the Details

If you haven’t figured it out yet, mombrain is real. In fact, I have self-diagnosed myself with this condition, because I forget literally everything (okay, not literally. But figuratively. A LOT). Pictures will definitely help with this, but they won’t capture everything. Was there something special that your partner whispered into your ear while you were in labor? Was there anything that happened that day that was funny or ironic? Do you remember what you said or did as soon as you met your baby? As wonderful as those moments are, sleep deprivation and time will tax your memory, and those details will fade. Jot them down now while they’re still fresh.

A Gift to Your Child

How COOL would it be to be able to tell your child the story of his birthday IN DETAIL when he is older? Someday your baby will ask about the day she was born. Can you imagine how special she will feel knowing that you took the time to write down all of the details afterward? You can even get creative with this - maybe create a slideshow with the images and notes, make a journal or scrapbook, or even create a digital memory book on Google Drive. Or, keep it really simple and easy. Either way, the story will be treasured for sure.

It doesn’t have to be fancy or well written. No need to spell check or make sure grammar is on point.

I recommend looking through your pictures from the day (if you have them) to help jog your memory. If you’re not sure where to start, here are some prompts to get you going:

What is your baby’s birthday? What day of the week was it?

What was the weather like? Did it have any effect on the day?

What did you do to prepare for birth? Did it help?

What time of day did you go into labor? What time was baby born?

What were you doing right before labor started? At what point did you realize it was “real” labor?

How did your partner respond when you told him you were in labor?

What do you remember most about your birth?

Did it go the way you hoped / imagined? Were you surprised by anything that happened?

If you have other kiddos, how was this birth different?

If you delivered in the hospital, how long were you there (both during labor and after delivery)?

What did you think/feel as you met your baby for the first time?

Who was there with you for the delivery? Who visited afterwards? Did they bring any special gifts?

Who did you call first after baby was born? When and how did you announce the birth?

How was your recovery?

Looking back, would you have done anything different on that day?

Don't wait until the memories start to fade to write it down. You're going to spend hours feeding this kid - grab a pen and notebook and jot down the details while your sitting there with a boob or a bottle in their mouth. Trust me, you won't regret it.

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